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Uncontested Divorce

Your Guide Through The Uncontested Divorce Process

Divorce does not always have to be an expensive, time-consuming battle. When both spouses can agree to the terms of the end of their marriage, pursuing an uncontested divorce offers a better way.

Contact Weller Law, LLC in Belleville, Illinois. We will help you assess your options and formulate a solid plan of action to obtain your divorce as painlessly as possible.

Seeking legal counsel early can be the key to resolving your divorce on good terms. By guiding you through the first steps of divorce planning, we can help you avoid mistakes that would result in costly disputes.

The Best Way To Get A Quick And Easy Divorce

With proper legal guidance, an uncontested divorce is generally the quickest and easiest way to end a marriage. In an uncontested divorce, both spouses reach agreements on parenting time and parental responsibilities (child custody and visitation) and the division of property and debt before filing for divorce in court. The divorce agreement is then submitted to the court as the case is filed, showing that there are no contested or unresolved issues.

The uncontested divorce process is typically far less expensive than a contested divorce because there are no disputes to litigate, which would result in court costs and attorney’s fees.

Do You Even Need An Attorney For Your Uncontested Divorce?

Even if you and your spouse agree on all of the terms of your divorce, it is extremely risky to obtain a divorce without any help from a skilled lawyer. Divorce is the end of a legal partnership and it is important that you fully understand the potential consequences of the terms you sign.

Our attorneys will work to ensure your interests are protected in your divorce agreement. As your lawyer, they will give you the information you need to make informed decisions so that you do not unknowingly waive your rights or agree to terms that could jeopardize your financial security.

Uncontested divorce representation is very cost-effective. The affordable legal fees we charge to guide clients through the uncontested divorce process saves them from the repercussions of expensive missteps.

Call To Schedule A Free Legal Consultation

To discuss your options with one of our attorneys, contact our law office and schedule a free initial consultation. Complete this online form, or call 618-277-3476 today.

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