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Military Divorce

A Divorce Attorney Who Understands Military Families

Are you or your spouse a member of the military? Are you considering divorce? A military divorce often comes with unique issues, such as possible future relocations that affect child custody decisions and the division of military pensions. Disputes over child support and maintenance are also common.

In a military divorce, both the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act – a federal statute – and Illinois law will apply. At Weller Law LLC in Belleville, Illinois, we are familiar with the protections afforded to Scott Air Force Base service members and the laws that apply to them.

Call us to get started. Early planning – even before telling a spouse – can ease the stress and burdens involved in the divorce process. Call 618-277-3476 for a free consultation.

We will take the time to answer your questions and discuss solutions that will help your family through this difficult transition.

Dividing Military Pensions For Scott Air Force Base Families

Whether you or a spouse is a member of the Marines, Army, Air Force or Navy, dividing any type of military pension as part of a divorce can be complex and contentious. With more than 25 combined years of legal experience, our attorneys are familiar with the range of issues that can arise. He will explain the obstacles that you may encounter in the division of a military pension and how they can be avoided or overcome.

Child Custody And Visitation

Deciding on parenting time schedule (child custody and visitation) is often a challenge in military divorces. Parents may only be home for part of the year or called up for an indefinite deployment. Or, the nonmilitary parent may want to leave the state to be closer to family or for a career opportunity. We can help you develop an effective custody and visitation strategy that addresses these possibilities.

Free Consultation: Call Today

At Weller Law, LLC, we understand the complexities involved in military divorces. To schedule a free initial consultation with our knowledgeable lawyer, please call 618-277-3476, or complete our contact form.

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