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Divorce Over 50

Overcoming The Challenges Of Late Life Divorce

If you plan to divorce after 50, you are not alone. While late life divorce used to be uncommon, since 1990 the divorce rate for Americans over 50 has doubled, according to a study out of Bowling Green State University. The growing trend has even been dubbed “gray divorce” by the media.

When you choose to end a marriage after the age of 50 or 65 or 75, there is a lot at stake — from financial security to retirement income to life savings and long-term care plans. You can rely on Weller Law, LLC  in Belleville, Illinois, to guide you through the divorce process and help you overcome these challenges.

With over 20 years of legal experience, our founding attorney Stan Weller is prepared to protect your interests as you close this chapter and begin a new one.

Divorce Over 50 Presents Unique Legal Challenges

In any divorce, uncontested or contested, it is necessary to divide assets and debts. The financial matters can be very challenging in such a divorce because your finances have likely been intertwined for decades, and you do not have many working years ahead to recoup losses.

We will help you assess your options, formulate a plan of action and walk you through all of the issues involved, including:

While divorcing near retirement is challenging, gray divorces also have the potential to go more smoothly than a divorce involving a young couple. The allocation of parenting time and parental responsibilities (child custody and visitation) typically is not a factor, and spouses involved in such divorces can often work together to compromise on a fair and equitable settlement. This is not to say that your divorce will not take its toll emotionally.

With over to two decades of family law experience, attorneys Stan Weller and Christopher B. Smith understand the emotional and financial turmoil you may be experiencing, and they will work diligently and compassionately to guide you through this process.

Early Legal Action Can Be Critical. Call To Arrange A Free Consultation

Recognizing the need for early action, we offer pre-separation legal counseling. This allows us to review your situation, finances and the details of your case to ensure you take the right steps to protect your interests. To schedule a free initial legal consultation today, send us this online form, or call 618-277-3476.

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