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Family Law & Divorce

Don’t Face This On Your Own. We Can Help.

When is the right time to tell your spouse you want a divorce? What’s the best way to pursue a change in a custody agreement? Before you attempt to handle critical family law matters on your own, contact Weller Law LLC in Belleville, Illinois. We will help you assess your options, formulate a solid plan of action and walk you through all of the steps involved.

Take action early: The sooner you begin working with us, the sooner you will be able to make informed decisions. Call Weller Law LLC at 618-277-3476 for a free consultation.

Recognizing the need for early action, Weller Law LLC offers pre-separation legal counseling. This allows for an early review of your situation, finances and other details of your case, ensuring that your best interests and assets are thoroughly protected.

Put Our Legal And Real-World Experience To Work For You

With more than 25 years of combined family law experience and real-world experience with family matters and divorce, our attorneys, Stan Weller and Christopher B. Smith, understand the emotional and financial turmoil you may be experiencing. As advocates and litigators, we have achieved successful results for clients in many high-conflict matters. As mediators and/or guardian ad litems, we have assisted in the resolution of many contested matters.

Contact us to begin planning for any of the following family law matters:

While preplanning is ideal, if you have already taken steps to resolve your legal issue,

we can step in and help wherever you are in the process.

Call To Arrange A Free Consultation

To schedule a free initial consultation, complete our online form, or call 618-277-3476.

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