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Arguments over child support can start as soon as a child is born — sometimes even sooner. Before disagreements escalate further and begin to affect your child or children, contact our family law attorney at Weller Law LLC. We will answer your questions, explain the steps involved in establishing a child support order and represent you throughout the process.

Call 618-277-3476 today. By seeking early legal counsel, you have a better chance of a successful outcome.

At Weller Law LLC in Belleville, Illinois, we focus on preplanning for child support, child custody and other family law matters, as well as the litigation necessary to achieve the best outcome.

Reaching A Fair Child Support Amount

With a background that includes more than 25 years of combined family law practice, as well as real-world experience, our lawyers, Stan Weller and Kaitlyn Rausch, understand the financial and emotional turmoil that can occur when parents separate. We offer realistic legal counsel, and we will work hard to make sure that your child support amount is fair.

We can help you with the following child support matters:

  • Establishing an initial child support order in divorce, separation or paternity cases

  • Locating hidden income or assets that were not declared on financial disclosures

  • Obtaining a modification of an existing child support order when a substantial change in circumstances occurs

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If you are struggling with child support issues, we can help. Please call 618-277-3476, or complete the online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.

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